Pain and Denial

Pain. Usually it’s not something that we want to face. When we are not hurting, it’s easy to talk about pain as a valuable signal that something is wrong. When we feel the flame on our skin from a fire, we know we should avoid it. In that sense, pain is a gift.

But when we hurt, it’s not so easy to remember that.

Everyone feels pain at some point. Pain can be physical but it can also be emotional. That is a signal that something is wrong too. And emotional pain can be even more difficult to face.

Some Christians believe that trusting in Jesus is all that is necessary to keep us from emotional pain. But even the most faithful Christians can drown in emotional pain. The human mind and spirit can get overwhelmed by life. Being a Christian is no guarantee that we won’t be overwhelmed.

We need to be honest about this. God is a help to the suffering, but human life is fragile. If we truly want to help or to receive help, we have to honest about the struggle. When a Christian sinks deeper into depression because they have been told that admitting depression is a sin or an intolerable weakness, then we bear the responsibility.

There are no simple answers to the struggle of emotional pain. But admitting that we struggle is the most important first step.
Love in Christ,

Greg Burriss, Pastor
Rocky River Baptist Church
Siler City, NC


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