Relentless Prayer

Our cat Oliver is relentless. When he wants to be snuggled or petted, he will climb onto your lap. If you put him back on the floor, he will return over and over again. When he smells food cooking on the stove, he will start to jump onto the counter. We have to watch constantly. Sometimes I have to shut him up in the laundry room while we eat so he won’t jump onto the hot stove.

Right now he is lying beside me on the sofa and trying to get me to put away the computer and pay him some attention.

What if our desire for God’s attention were that single-minded? What if we hounded God until God gave us the attention that we want from Him?

Jesus told a parable that suggests we should do just that. In Luke 18 he tells the story of a widow who wants justice but the judge doesn’t care about her or her case. But after a while, the judge gives her justice just to shut her up. Jesus says that we should pray with that kind of perseverance.

God longs to bless us, but sometimes He has to get us into the right position to give us what we need. We don’t persevere because God doesn’t want to hear us. We persevere in prayer because it takes repeated conversations with God for us to be in the right place to receive what we need.

Love in Christ,
Greg Burriss, Pastor
Rocky River Baptist Church
Siler City, NC


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