Fast Food Faith

In the fall of 1986, I spent a few months working at Burger King. I was in college so my hours were evening and late night. I did washing and cleaning, manning a cash register and food preparation. The one thing I remember most about that experience is that the burgers go from completely frozen to completely cooked on the broiler in just a minute. Fast food, for sure.

The culture we have made, where we want to have everything done so quickly, has invaded our faith too. We want an emotional appeal that will transform our lives in an instant. We want to take our kids to one event that will get them “saved.” We want one good sermon to change the heart of that man who beats his wife. We want God to use one song to overcome the temptation we cannot seem to beat.

But a religion made of instant moments, like a diet of fast food hamburgers, will not produce health and well-being. Our faith is molded and sustained in the same way that physical health is: regular, healthy choices. An occasional fast food meal can fill you up and give you something useful. An occasional religious event can provide a spark of energy.

But it is will not sustain a life.

To be a Christian means to follow Jesus in His teachings and His will for our lives, day after day. It is not glamorous. It does not make a celebrity. It is walking by faith and living in righteousness each day. It is selfless service, fellowship in a community of Christians and dedicated prayer and study of the Scriptures.

As church folks, we are often guilty of promoting a fast food brand of Christianity. We want instant results. We want the excitement of a new flavor each month. We don’t want the hard and tedious work that is required to build something truly constructive and blessed. But with God’s help, all things are possible.

Love in Christ,
Greg Burriss, Pastor
Rocky River Baptist Church
Siler City, NC


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