We Are at War

Dr. Hanna Massad now lives in Jordan. For many years he served as pastor of the Gaza Baptist Church in the Palestinian territory of Gaza. Dr. Massad returns to Gaza frequently, when the Israeli government allows him to enter, to bring encouragement and relief supplies to his Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters.

But Dr. Massad is not bringing relief supplies to them so that they can improve their own lives. He is bringing relief supplies so that the Gaza Baptist Christians can be light and love to their neighbors whose lives have been overturned in military conflicts that are devastating their land.

In the middle of war, Gaza Baptist believers are trying to bring healing and help.

Most of us do not have to live in the middle of the kind of devastation that Gaza Christians see every day, but we live in a war zone too. In our community, many are waging war against themselves and their own neighbors through illegal and immoral activities that are destroying lives.

We too should be centers of healing and help in our communities. I am thankful that we do not have to worry about missiles falling on our homes every day. I am grateful for law enforcement officers who face dangers on our streets and help to keep us safe. But Jesus told us clearly that His way transcends the violence of military might and police presence. His mission is to bring transforming love. Not everyone will receive it, but through that transforming love, we can reclaim the broken and battered in our community. We should know because through His transforming love, God reclaimed us.

(To learn more about Dr. Massad and the mission of healing through Gaza Baptist Church, visit the website of his organization, Christian Mission to Gaza – http://www.cm2g.org.)

Love in Christ,
Greg Burriss, Pastor
Rocky River Baptist Church
Siler City, NC


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