Why Do We Exist?

Why do you exist? God has created us with the capacity to do many things. Each of us has different gifts and different wishes for our lives. God takes great delight in the diversity of His creatures. He creates us with this variation built in.

But even though we each have different gifts and different roles to fulfill, God created us for one grand purpose. Each person has the same purpose. In fact, the whole creation is created with this one goal in mind. We are created “for the praise of God’s glorious grace.” This phrase is taken from the Ephesians chapter 1. In the first 14 verses of Ephesians, Paul uses this phrase or a similar one three times as he talks about how God chose to create us and save us before He created the world.

Some people think that when we say God created us to praise His glory that God seems terribly selfish. However, God does not want us to praise His glory and grace because He needs us to feed His ego. God wants us to praise Him, and to make praising Him our first priority, because it puts everything else in the right place in our lives.

When we praise God for who He is and what He does for us, when we live our lives so that our lives give glory to God, then gifts and desires and other priorities fall perfectly into place. When we do not make praise to God the priority of our lives, then everything else is out of balance. As the book of James says, “we are like the chaff that the wind drives away.”

“Praise Him, Praise Him all ye little children, God is love, God is love.” God’s love for us has moved Him to tell us that we need to praise Him and glorify Him in all we do. When we make praising God our top priority, it will affect all that we do. It will put everything in its proper place.

Love in Christ,
Greg Burriss, Pastor
Rocky River Baptist Church
Siler City, NC


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