Pray for the World

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”

This is the commission that Jesus left for His disciples after His resurrection. We believe that this “great commission” is a call for us to share the gospel message with people in every nation. We pray that God will convert their hearts and lives.

We all agree that the world has a lot of problems. Every day the news is filled with horrible stories of war and disease and brutality. We can despair and refuse to hear the bad news or we can look to the Lord and ask Him to bless and empower His people to bring hope and love and good news.

Praying for the world is the duty of every Christian. Instead of only griping about the sorry state of the world, we have access to the world’s Creator. He calls us to beseech Him to help us bring peace and hope.

Many resources exist to help us learn about Christian witness throughout the world and pray each day for places around the world. You can simply pray as you read the morning news for whatever country you are reading about. Or you can access prayer resources from many Missions agencies.

For years I have used a popular prayer resource called Operation World. You can buy this resource as a book or you can access it each day online at Each day, Operation World lists a country or area of the world for which to pray, giving information about the country and the Christian witness that is active in that country. They also tweet the daily pray request on Twitter.

Operation World links to another website for world prayer called Prayercast. This site gives prayer concerns for any country that you want to look up.

Every Christian denomination has prayer information for it missionaries and mission activities on its denominational website. Baptists publish lists of missionaries on their birthdays with a request to pray for them on that day. You can access information for Baptist mission prayer requests, including those birthday prayer lists at the following sites: For Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missions – For Southern Baptist International Mission Board –

Many other resources exist as well. Most people will only see the bad news of what is going on the world. God invites you to be part of the Good News that transforms the world by joining His people in prayer.

Love in Christ,
Greg Burriss, Pastor
Rocky River Baptist Church
Siler City, NC


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