Who Knows Where Malaysia Flight 370 Is?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is missing. A massive search is underway. Frightened family members and friends are gathering, desperate for information. Every aviation investigation expert is engaged to give commentary on some news program. In a world where we can log onto our computer and look at our own backyard with Google satellite images, it is hard to understand how a passenger jet can disappear.

But no one knows where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is. No human, that is. Wherever those 239 people are now, God knows. As we hear the news of this disaster, we think about what it must be like to be one of those on that jet. How scary was it? Or is it? What desperation did they feel? Even though we do not know these answers, and we may never know the answers, God knows. God was there. If any passenger was terrified and cried out to God, God was there.

Many of us are living right now with a quiet desperation in our hearts that no one, or very few others know about. The journey of our lives has gone off course. We feel ourselves hijacked by circumstances beyond our control. Or we see ourselves plunging into an ocean of trouble that we cannot avoid. We do not see any island of refuge or hear any response to our desperate SOS.

But God sees. He has been at your side all along. He is waiting for you to rest in Him, trust in Him and turn to Him for help. He sees and knows where you are and why you are there. He has not turned away from you even if you are in that place because you have sinned. His love is deeper than the ocean, broader than the sky and even more present than Google satellites.

You are not forgotten.

Love in Christ,

Greg Burriss, Pastor

Rocky River Baptist Church

Siler City, NC


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