My Beautiful Child

This week I had the opportunity to spend a little time with my daughter. She is 26 years old. She has lived away from us for several years now, first in college and then in a city apartment 45 miles away.

I have a lot of fond memories of Bethany when she was younger. I used to take her out to a little playground in our apartment complex when she was only about 2 years old. I would also wheel her in a stroller to a local shopping center. I held her on my lap and read to her and played games and watched TV.

When we moved to Louisville Kentucky to go to seminary, Bethany would enjoy playing with all of the kids in our apartment building. One of my favorite memories of those years is walking with her from our apartment over to the seminary, which was over a mile away. We would walk up the sidewalk, and Bethany would entertain me with her beautiful imagination.

Bethany’s life is deeply entwined with mine. I wouldn’t want that to change in any way. The beautiful young woman she has become will always be her daddy’s little girl. The time I spent with her over the years is a precious memory that reinforces my love for her.

Christians have produced many programs that attempt to create great disciples of Jesus. But when we look at the dynamic faith of the earliest disciples, we might not notice an important reason that their faith was so strong. Jesus lived with them. He did teach them, of course. He spoke powerful and wonderful words. But his most important way of training them to be His disciples was to be with them.

He makes disciples now the same way He did back then. Jesus has a deep desire to spend time with you, forming you to be His. Jesus does not just want to spend eternity with you after you die. He wants to start spending every day with you right now!

So make some divine memories. Have a talk with Jesus. Walk through the park or along the trail and tell him all your stories. It will make His day. And He will make your life.

Love in Christ,

Greg Burriss

Pastor, Rocky River Baptist Church


2 thoughts on “My Beautiful Child

  1. Honestly, this might be the best thing I’ve ever read by you in the 30+ years I’ve known you, though a few of your songs are right up there with it! You captured God’s Father heart and longing to spend time with us perfectly. Thank you.

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