I Am Grateful

Grateful. The word for this week is grateful. Do you believe that God is always with you, watching and caring for you? It is easy to find things to complain about. It requires more attention and preparation to notice God’s work. You have to make up your mind to see the hand of God in every circumstance, even when those circumstances are difficult.

This week returning home from our Senior Adult retreat we had a tire blowout. This occurred out in the country about 20 miles south of Clinton, NC. We had already lost part of the van’s tailpipe earlier on the trip. We pulled the van into a little churchyard. At that moment, we could have been tempted to grumble and complain against God for the inconvenience and potential threat.

But we took a moment to thank God for keeping us safe through the incident. Then we noticed that the church had an outdoor shelter with a picnic table where most of the gang could sit in the shade while we changed the tire. Then we noticed that this happened right across the street from a little country garage that had a nice floor jack which they let us borrow.

Within a little while we were back on the road and arrived safely home. Giving thanks and grateful for God’s provision. Grateful.

Love in Christ,

Greg Burriss

Pastor, Rocky River Baptist Church  


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