The Royal Family

For the past week, much of the United States has been glued to the TV or to some form of social media awaiting the announcement that finally came. The royal baby is born! It’s a boy and his name is George. Prince George arrived with the same fanfare that has accompanied everything related to the royal family.  In the United States, we can’t seem to get enough news about the British monarchy. The prince has arrived not only as one of the most privileged people on the planet, but also as an instant celebrity.

Given the high level of media coverage in our world, it’s hardly possible to imagine, but suppose for a second that Prince George went missing. That he was abducted by some deluded blue collar mother to be raised as her own son. Imagine him losing all that privilege and celebrity. Suppose he grew up not knowing that he was the heir to the British throne and wealthy beyond imagination. It’s a plot device that has been used in great literature and myth for ages, from Sophocles to Shakespeare.

Imagine that he grew up not knowing who he really is, but then one day, he was discovered, and his real identity was revealed to him. How hard would it be accept that he was Prince George, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and not the hard working son of a totally unknown, impoverished and deluded mother?

I suppose it would be just as hard for him to accept that truth as it is for us.  Your real identity, the true family to which you belong, is the family of God. This world has ripped you away from your true parents and is trying to raise you to belong to it, to forget the truth implanted in your heart. You belong to God. In Christ, God came to us to convince us to abandon that false family that has taken us and tried to satisfy us with second-rate goods. You are a child of the king.

May God give long life and health to Prince George. He has already offered you abundant life in Christ…forever!


Love in Christ,

Greg Burriss

Pastor, Rocky River Baptist Church


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